Sam Petty

Sound Design and Mix

Sam Petty is a multi-award-winning sound designer and mixer, having worked for the last 25 years on some of Australia’s most innovative and original films. Feature credits include: Buoyancy [2019], Hotel Mumbai [2017], War Machine [2015], The Rocket [2013], Animal Kingdom [2010], Ruin [2014], Dead Europe [2012], Lore [2012], Somersault [2003] and The Boys [1997]. Recent feature documentary credits include: Night Parrot Stories [2017], Casting Jonbenet [2016], Kaching! Pokie Nation [2015], Sherpa [2015] And When the Camera Stopped Rolling. He has won multiple AACTA, AFI and ASSG awards for his sound design including for: The Rover, The Rocket, Lore, Global Haywire and many others.